I survived life as a Bloomsbury escort



Life may be difficult, and harsh; it gives us problems that sometimes we cannot solve. Sometimes we feel of being neglected by the world. Sometimes, we seem that life is unfair, and out of the people of the world why have we chosen to experience such cruelty. I have seen many people living comfortably in life and wishing myself that someday I could experience such comfort ability too. A life that feels us alive and bubbly. Many nations problem now is how to solve poverty, as years passed by our population increased and poverty highs. Life is too short and precious but other people choose to kill themselves and end their life, perhaps to stop the pain. Well, you cannot blame anyone to do that, drowning from too many problems or experienced too much depression would probably do the same thing, especially if they have no one on their side during that time. We all need someone to hold on, maybe family, a partner. Because going such life alone is difficult and lonely, and that is a sad truth. All of us have known how many people went through many things but still overcome it. We are inspired by their life stories and how they have struggled a lot. We see how a poor people rise and become successful, it’s rampant nowadays, sharing their lives with the public, to motivate anyone and gives hope. Lucky for them that they have gone far, and hoping for ourselves that one day we could do the same thing.  To live poor is tough, every day you have to fight for your survival, and it’s hard when you know everyone left you. Growing up, I have no one on my side I can call home. When I was a kid, my mom sold me in return for money, how cruel is it? But my life gets s to worsen on their hands; they have no child before, and their attention is in me. But after they knew that they are blessed to have another child, my Calvary started. They began to change behavior toward me, they scold and beat me. All the love was given to my younger sister, and even to be near her, they won’t allow. I tried to understand them but many years passed, my younger sister becomes a bully and violent too. So, I have decided to go away from them since I am tired of all the things they have done for me. Our neighbor had offered a hand and brought me to Bloomsbury, I have auditioned myself to become a Bloomsbury escort from https://charlotteaction.org/bloomsbury-escorts and lucky to become a member. My life has changed slowly aside from it helps me emotionally, I was also stable financially and survived life as I become a Bloomsbury escort.

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