Why did I ever think of leaving my girlfriend?

Now she won’t accept my forgiveness. I admit that breaking up with her was the worst mistake that I have made in my entire life and I wish that I would be able to take it back. The person that I am talking about is a lovely Kent escort and I truly adore this wonderful woman. To be honest this Kent escort is the most wonderful person that I have ever met and I am very proud of having her. But one night I was extremely frustrated at work and my Kent escort from https://charlotteaction.org/kent-escorts made a small mistake in the house then I got angry at her. She was so hurt by my action which made me mad even more from that day on our relationship deteriorated. I felt hopeless that’s why I told my Kent escort girlfriend that we should just break up but that is the worst idea that I have ever think of. Since then I regret ever saying that to her and every time that I ask forgiveness to this woman she does not accept my apology. She is much willing to just let me go than giving me another try. But I do not blame her, what I did to this wonderful person is unforgivable and I just wish that I could have treated her better. Losing my Kent escort because of my pride was the hardest thing for me. This girl and I have been through a lot in the past and we still loved each other and have fun when we are together. But because of my pride I just let it go and now I can’t even take it back. There’s a lot of regret in my heart and I just wish that everything would turn back to normal. But I have to live in the reality in a world that there is no more Kent escort for me. She was everything for me and I just handled the relationship that I have with her foolishly. Now I am paying the price of everything in my life. But I am sure that there’s never going to be a day that will pass by that I would not wish to get back together again with my Kent escort. She was the most wonderful land loving human being I have ever been with. I just hope that in the fugue I would be able to meet a woman as amazing as this Kent escort. If I do not, then it would really mean that I do not have anything left in this world to live for. Having this kind of person just makes me very happy and proud of everything that he has done for me. I wish that in the future I will be able to make this Kent escort proud of me.

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