The winter is probably the toughest time in London to stay healthy.

When I am on my way to and from Aperfield escorts, I always end up with lots of people sneezing and coughing over me, and I find it a real struggle to keep all of the bugs away. I think that most of the people that I work with at the agency feel the same way, and we all worry about our health a little bit. Sure, you can rush down the doctors to get the flu jab but I am not over keen on jabs.
Instead of the flu jab, I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve. I am more than happy to share them with my friends at Aperfield escorts from First of all, I like to make sure that I am well dehydrated. The more water that you drink, the less likely you are to pick up things like flues and colds. Of course, it does not all have to be water. You can drink things like herbal teas as well. They are really good for you, and peppermint tea can help to boost your immune system.
We meet a lot of gents from all over the place at Aperfield escorts. A virus can travel around the world a lot quicker these days thanks to things like modern air travel. When you work with international business men, you will find that you are more likely to pick up certain bugs. I don’t worry about it a lot, but I do try to keep myself healthy. One of the best way is to make yourself some rosehip soup. It is just packed with anti-oxidants and you can also drink warm or cold. Rosehip soup is just great and is so healthy for you.
Exercising is vital as well. Don’t think that you need to spend hours in the gym. I don’t do that at all, and I am not sure that it is really good for you. I think that it is much better to exercise outdoors so that is what I focus on. Some of the girls at Aperfield escorts think I am a bit crazy, but I do honestly go walking in all sorts of weathers. I think that it is not good for my immune system, and I think that it gives me great skin as well. After all, we do spend a lot of time inside.
Does health have to be complicated? Like I sat to my friends at Aperfield escorts. Good health should never have to be complicated. I try to make sure that I really look after myself, but at the same time, I do not like to make my health complicated. When you do that, you normally end up paying out for things that you really don’t need. I do take the odd supplement, but I have to say that I do not spend all of my income on health foods and health foods supplements. Thinking about, I am pretty sure that a gin and tonic is ten times better for you than a glass of cold orange juice.

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