If you are obese or seriously overweight, you may find it hard to enjoy sex.

Often it is about finding the position which works for you. The missionary position is often out of the question, and often you will find that the lady on top does not work very well neither. One of the girls that I work with at London escorts has got a sister who is obese. Her boyfriend is obese as well, and they find it hard to enjoy a healthy sex life. But like my friend at London escorts says, they should do something about their weight.
I have met guys at London who have been really obese. They have explained to me that a lot of obese girls love having sex doggie style. It is often the most comfortable position. Another gent who I date a lot at London escorts has just had a gastric band fitted. He is losing weight, but he says that he still prefers when his girlfriend lays on the edge on the bed with legs spread and he kneels on the floor. It sounds a bit boring to me, and I think that it is a spice of life to try different sexual position.
Above all we should try to not become obese. Many of my obese dates at London escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/ say that they have a hygiene problem as well. The rolls of fat can easily cause thrush infections and other health problems. Thrush can spread and be really bad for you. None of the gents that I have met at London escorts suffer from the problem, but I have heard from a couple of the other girls that they have come across what they call “smelly” dates. That is often a sign of poor hygiene.
So what should you do if you are obese? Many of the obese gents that I date at London escorts ask me for health advice. The truth is that they are not keen on going to the doctor but that is exactly what they should be doing. It is not easy to talk about obesity and some doctors are not very good at dealing with it. I can understand all of that, but London escorts simply are not qualified to deal with obesity. We really need to sort this out.
Above all, I think that a lot of obese people need to take responsibility for their own condition. I have noticed that many of the obese gents at London escorts seem to be blaming somebody else. It not a fault of anybody else, it is your own fault most of the time. They expect a lot of sympathy from the girls here at the agency but they are not getting it. I am sure they need help, but they also need to learn how to help themselves. Some people can do it, and if you are obese, you should let them be an inspiration to you. No health condition is easy to live with, but obesity, is one of those health issues that you can deal with yourself when you get some help.

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