Do I want to be his Sugar Beach Babe?

One of the guys who used arrange bookings with me at charlotte escorts recently left to move abroad. As a matter of fact he has moved to Los Angeles in California. To me it feels like he is on the other side world. Before he left for Los Angeles he said that he had always liked it there and had bought a condominium on the beach. It sounds really nice, and he even asked me if I wanted to come to live with him. I was not sure at the time so I said no. But now he has started to send me flirty messages and I have come to realise how much fun we had together.

It was not all about London escorts…Yesterday I got a longer email from him. In the email he said that he realised that I was worried about leaving London escorts. After all, the only income I had was from London escorts. He offered to become my Sugar Daddy, and although he had strong feelings for me, he would make sure that I got money to live on and was financially secure while I was with him in Los Angeles. I don’t know what the deal is, but I do know that many other girls at London escorts have made it big a Sugar Babes. But none of my colleagues at London escorts have moved abroad.

They have all stayed in London, and moving abroad would be rather a big step for me. But, I like the idea. I have been to Los Angeles twice, and I loved it. Where he lives is a lovely part of Los Angeles and I could easily see myself living there.The flirty messages reminds me of how much fun he was to be with on dates and in private as well. There is no way that I would have a boring time in Los Angeles. He says that he would like to travel around the US, and I would imagine a year out from London escorts, and travelling in his company, would be a lot of fun. He does not know about me having my own flat, and I would rent it out to put some money in my UK bank.

Am I looking to make money out of this? I am not really looking for that. Tonight when I go Go out with my best girls at London escorts, I am going to share my plans with them. Do they think it is a good idea to spend a year living dangerously in Los Angeles. The fact is that I don’t know where this is going to lead to.

Perhaps I will end up never coming back from Los Angeles. I am not sure. It is a big decision to make, but I could just imagine myself spending Christmas Day on the beach with my flirty man. It would be the kind of stuff that sweet dreams are made of… and I think I could handle that.

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