What is the point in living together?

My boyfriend would like me to move in with him, but I cannot see the point in just living together. I am sure that a lot of other girls are happy to just move in with their boyfriends, but I would not dream of doing that. In many ways, it would be like giving up your independence and I am not into that at all. It would not feel right and is not why I have spent so many hours working hard at cityofeve.com London escorts.

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If my boyfriend would like to marry me, I would be more than happy move in. I think that too many girls move in with their boyfriends too quickly. Sure, I could move in with my guy, but I am not sure that the relationship would last. I think that when you are married to each other, you will have very much more of a commitment to each other. Most girls probably don’t think of it that way, but that is the way that I think about it. My boyfriend thinks just because I work for a London escorts service, I don’t have any street smart at all, but that is not true.

Some of the girls that I work with at London escorts are happy to hook up with rich guys and move in with them. I can see why it may work for them. Then things is that girls have such different attitude. Some girls take their jobs at the agency seriously, others do not. I wish that I had a penny for every girl who thought that her new boyfriend would like after her for the rest of her life. That actually very seldom happens, and you have to be careful.

I would not dream of giving up everything to live with a guy. It mazes me that some guys think that girls should give up their careers to come and live with them. You are never going to catch me doing that. I like my own space and I value my independence. That is really the way that you should look at things. When I speak to some of my friends at London escorts, I really do not think that feminism have come that far and that we need to have a little rethink. I know that it is not easy but you do need to think about yourself.

Women can still give up everything at a drop of a hat. You are not going to catch me doing that. We really need to change. Talking about equal rights is great, but if you want to that, you need to be able to stand up for yourself on many levels. Are we doing that as women? I am pretty sure that we are not. It does not matter if you work for London escorts or you run your own business. We have the capability of being so much more and by giving all up for a guy, I don’t think that we do that at all.

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