Prostitutes Vs Cheap Escorts In London: Are They Same?

Most people used to think that a prostitute and an escort are just the same. However, there is a potential difference between being a prostitute and being an escort. The true reality is that the businesses under both the aforementioned areas are quite different. There is an essential difference between how a prostitute earns money versus how an escort does so.

How Are They Different?
A prostitute is generally approached merely for fulfilling individual sexual desires. The prostitutes earn their money solely for offering sexual favors. Prostitution is often considered as an illegal act defined for the exchange of sexual favors that can include penetration, copulation, and intercourse for financial, monetary or commercial gain. Whereas an escort service, being an official profession, is globally accepted as a respectable business. An escort is a kind of service which is offered by beautiful women & handsome men who’re just hired for various entertainment purposes. They are also supposed to escort the people to several places. An escort service is more like a companion, & the payment is done for offering the sensational companionship.

While comparing the two, an escort service is more classy and paid more compared to a prostitute. They are also paid for having an amazing personality as well as a sexy, glamorous look. The prostitutes are only paid for sex. Escorts are even considered as a legal profession and prostitution as illegal. An escort service has to be booked in advance from the escort agencies. On the other hand, a prostitute can be simply taken from the dark streets and some brothels. The people who seek prostitutes don’t have any choice or flexibility for making a preferred selection. But while approaching an esteemed escort service, you get an ideal escort as per your own choice. Moreover, women are pretty safe as escorts whereas they’re not while engaged in the prostitution trade.

How Much Can One Earn From Being A Cheap Escort Or A Prostitute In London?
The most decisive yet essential difference between escorts and prostitutes is that an escort gets paid much higher compared to a prostitute. Escorts also offer elite and premium services. They are even supposed to be smart, talented, clever, and intelligent to keep their customers entertained throughout the appointment. If someone has the unique ability to manipulate and ignore/numb emotions, then the amount of money can be limitless. Usually, an escort can easily make £1200 – £3000 a month in London. A pro escort can earn around £5000 a month.

Earning money as a prostitute is really tough. A prostitute is also paid less compared to an escort. Prostitutes can roughly earn around £700- £1,000 per month in London.

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